Partnership Screening works with Investigation Solutions LLC. Investigation Solutions LLC offers our clients full service, licensed, and insured investigative and security services. Their personnel are experienced with the enforcement procedures, interview techniques, evidence collection, forensic accounting, and court testimony related to criminal / civil investigations. Their investigations are conducted discretely in order to protect our client’s privacy, and our clients best interests are always a priority. They provide the answers necessary to deal with security issues that may confront the personal and professional lives of our clients. Investigation Solutions LLC insure our clients that they deserve to have quality service when dealing with the sensitive issues that develop in today’s complex world.

Investigation Solutions LLC offers the following services:

Defense Investigations
  1. Witness Location / Interview
  2. Process Service
  3. Surveillance
  4. Background Investigations (field checks, canvasses)
  5. Verification of Facts Presented by Witnesses
  6. Wrongful Prosecution / Conviction
  7. Document Research / Retrieval (court house, public records)
  8. Sworn Testimony
Financial Investigations
  1. Forensic Accounting
  2. Internal Theft
  3. Estate Fraud
  4. Asset Checks
  5. Identity Assumptions
  6. Employment Investigations
  7. Seminars / Training
Insurance Investigations
  1. Bad Faith Investigations
  2. Bodily Injury
  3. Property / Casualty Claims
  4. Workers Compensation
Domestic Investigations
  1. Assets Locations
  2. Background Investigations
  3. Witness Locations / Interviews
  4. Photo / Video Surveillance

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Investigation Solutions LLC

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